Reaction videos are useful for all sorts of purposes. For example:


  • Show people trying a new product

  • Comparing competing products

  • Build a storyline (more on that in a moment)

  • Engagement. People love these things and they share them.



The purpose of these videos was to build a storyline about a product which makes easy work of something that’s more difficult than it should be. So we asked ourselves “what’s something difficult which really shouldn’t be such a pain?” While we were talking Elizabeth was rummaging through her bag trying to find a pen and she was like “well THIS definitely shouldn’t be so hard!” as a result, we came up with the idea to get men going through womens’ bags to complete a simple challenge and for a woman to go through a man drawer.

The particular project shifted after the filming so we decided to go ahead and publish them as test shoots because we’d like to think there’s a brand out there who would like to use this filming style soon – get in touch because we’d love to try this concept again!




  • Concept Elizabeth Halford & Charlotte Simonsen

  • Producer Elizabeth Halford

  • Director/DOP Mark Rose

  • Sound Elkanah Groves

  • Editing Sascha Tucker

  • Illustration Charlotte Simonsen

  • Location Street Studios