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Norway amazes me sometimes. Once in a while I hear about really talented people from Norway, and when I do they blow me away.

The Norwegian I am talking about this time is Geoohsnap. He does branding but the thing he is amazing at it Snapchat. I never even thought I would say that anyone was 'good' at Snapchatting, but this guy is. He uses the app for his Random People Project where he takes pictures of random people and draws in the app making random people to be in random situations. For those who are familiar with drawing in the app, we know that is rather challenging. He took the challenge and turned something simple - into art.

The Norwegian artist managed to get a job via his Snapchat and Instagram account doing his Random People Project. Not just any job, he is currently working on a project for Disney! And if I may say so myself, he fits the role perfectly.

This makes me proud to say I'm a Norwegian! (in disguise as a Brit in England)

You can follow his work on Snapchat or Instagram under the name 'Geeohsnap' or go to his website at