Earlier this year I got the honour of producing a music video in collaboration with Global Fire Creative and Zen Juddhism. 

Zen Juddhism is a collaboration band that includes a variation of musicians. The one who ties them all together is Jude Juan Nate. Jude and I got talking one evening about all things that we love, one thing in specific; music. He informed me that he wanted to do a live and animated mixed music video for one of his songs. I instantly wanted to get involved and had ideas flowing straight away. Jude had an initial idea for the video that I took into consideration with adjustments to make a better flow with the music and timing. 

I storyboarded the video, created the graphics along with assisting the live footage filming that took place at the railway inn in Winchester. The filming and animation was done in collaboration with Global Fire Creative and was completed in early May 2017. 

Zen Juddhism was over the moon (pun intended) with the results! 

Watch the entire video below: