Parts of the Global Fire Creative team entered the 48 hour film competition DV Mission. This was a competition that went over one incredibly fun, yet busy weekend. We enjoyed every minute of the challenge and this will definetly not be our last entry! 


DV Mission is a UK based 48-Hour Film Challenge now in its 11th year, in just 48 hours’ teams have to write, shoot, edit and deliver a short 2-minute film. If that wasn't hard enough they're also given three "obstructions" to make it that bit harder. A line of dialogue, a title, and a genre.

This year’s obstructions were:
Title: The Last Game
Line: Q. What’s it like? A. It’s like nothing at all
Genre: Lynchian Musical

Winner: Best Editing
Nominated: Best Actor
Nominated: Best Sound Design
Nominated: Best Film (Professional)

Mark Rose - Director & Producer
Sam Aruwa - Writer
Sam Aruwa - Producer
Sascha Tucker - Producer
Charlotte Simonsen - Producer & Graphic Designer
Sascha Tucker - Cast
Sam Aruwa - Cast
Charlotte Simonsen - Cast

Judges’ comments:

“The advert approach was always going to take away from the musical/Lynch theme, but it worked in the time constraint. Good special effects for the bleeding eyes, funny actress, provided a little relief. Very slick, not very Lynchian.” 

“Virtual assistant on the sofa was very well done. The video game case was well made. Concept was fun, the guy playing the salesman was great.”

“Excellent editing and really good work with the dialogue too.”