This blogpost was originally posted on Global Fire Creative's blog. 

The 5th annual PubHack was hosted by Coastguard Studios on the 16th of September. PubHack is a 10 hour hackathon which is always based in a pub and open for any creative who wishes to participate, although the main participants are usually web developers and designers. A theme is given (this year, it was ‘Heroes & Villains’) and and each team has 10 hours to create something that relates to the theme.

This year there were 10 teams consisting of 4 members per team, making this the biggest pub hack yet! Global Fire were pleased to send our art director, Charlotte, along to be one of the three judges. For Charlotte, the day consisted of overseeing the different teams from beginning to end while they developed their ideas. Judging the idea, process, design, presentation and any other relevant factors.

Charlotte says, “Being in a room full of creatives who are not being limited in their ideas and doing exactly what they want is my absolute favourite thing to do and see. Just feeling the excitement and seeing ideas flowing is exhilarating in itself."

Throughout the day you could very easily feel the tension rise as the deadline slowly approached. Up until this point the entire day had been lovely with breakfast and lunch provided in the sun and being able to chat with some new and interesting people. When the deadline was reached, the 10 teams’ shoulders dropped whilst the judges’ real challenge was just about to start. Finding the deserving winning team for each award was incredibly difficult as the ideas and work that were produced (and in such a short amount of time) was impressive, not to mention hilarious.

Being a part of the local creative community is a special thing. You get to see great ideas as they’re created and watch as they materialise into something real. I couldn’t recommend Pubhack more!”

Results from the day can be seen here

Al the presentations are available to watch here

Some coffee and a chat whilst preparing everything before people sowed up

Downtime between judging and going around to the teams lover looking their work I got to do some of my own work

10 hours over and we got to sit down and finally see the presentation!