If you haven’t heard already, this week I officially launched my Etsy print shop! A year ago I was suggested that this might be something I could do and at the time it seemed very unlikely. However, after a while this seemed more and more like something I should do. 

The idea is not to earn loads of money or to become wildly successful with selling my prints. The goal is simply to give my doodles a home away from my hard drive and to offer people customised illustrations for whatever they may desire, let that be themselves, a special someone, to celebrate a milestone in their life or simply a specific type of art. 

On the 5th of September I will be publishing a vintage video game poster series in the shop that I did for a wedding last year. There has been some interest in these pieces and they are the reason I decided to go ahead with all of this. These pieces have already been published on my blog and my personal Instagram. Along with these there will be other pieces that I’ve done over the past few years and others will be added as I go along. Stay tuned and feel free to checkout, stalk, judge, comment, share and follow my Etsy and Instagram account! Anything and everything is greatly appreciated! If you have any custom pieces you would like to do please feel free to contact me in my shop, instagram or at charlottemichellesimonsen@gmail.com

Instagram: simonsenprints

Etsy: www.simonsenprints.etsy.com