We have all seen the "Un-skippable ads" from Geico. Last year's awkward family meal where the ad had already finished was incredibly insightful. It's simplicity and new way of thinking is completely out of the ordinary and very admirable as it may seem to be ahead of it's time.

So, how does an agency top that?

The Martin Agency has come up with a new ad that I am sure you have already seen, the "Fast Forward ad". While watching these fairly out of this world videos you start off by seeing a reasonably regular scenery. The ad fast forward to something completely unexpected. It drives the questions "what happened in between?" and "what the ...?". It may seem that to increase PPC (Pay per click) they have given the option to "Click to see what happened" for the viewer to get the entire story. The ad is technically skipped but the option to see the entire ad is given, unlike the "Unskippable ad". The way they get the viewer engaged into this ad is a very unexpected way of having the consumer want to engage with the brand to see more. If anything, this is a very new way of advertising for an insurance company.

As admirable and as insightful these campaigns are, the question I was left with after seeing yet another "Un-skippable" or "Fast Forward" ad is where is this driving us? When is a campaign still a campaign? What sort of advertisement will we be seeing in the future?

For a while it seemed like advertising was unstoppable and would be everywhere with the Guerrilla campaigns popping up everywhere, alas these seem to have calmed down. Will this type of advertisement merely become a trend and die down and we all move on to a different type of advertisement? In many ways I see the marketing business to be rather similar to the fashion industry. Different styles go in and out of fashion, much like we have seen recently with the 90's fashion (that we all would like to disappear rather quickly, please). 

Now some months later I am surprised that other brands haven't jumped on this idea or done anything similar. Maybe it was just a one off.


*This post was originally posted on March 8th, 2016 but edited again in July*