A couple of days ago I joined a 100 day challenge where you challenge yourself to do something for 100 days. (Obviously. )

It is a challenge that got kicked off by the quarterly magazine The Great Discontent. They wanted to celebrate the process of creativity. It started on Monday the 6th of April. I didn't hear about until then so I got a slow start, starting the challenge on Wednesday the 8th. So far I am absolutely loving this but also nervous that I wont be able to finish it. But I guess that is what makes it a challenge, right?

My project is #100DaysOfIllustratedFaces, where I draw different characters everyday with a different personality. The idea is to try different drawing styles to push myself in different directions. I never draw anymore so this is an absolute joy! I got a surprising start to the project getting a few requests from friends to draw them as characters. So far I am loving how this is turning out and can't wait until the 100th day to see what has happened in the meantime.

Here are my contributions so far.

You can read all about the project on the website and follow the hashtag #100DayChallenge or follow my process on my Instagram profile @CharlottM and #100DaysOfIllustratedFaces. I will however be posting about this halfway through and when the challenge is completed.