We all waited long enough for the racially diverse emojis for the iOS. I mean, we want to be fair, right? Well, some people want every little thing to be fair and therefore are completely over sensitive about everything anyone ever does. Confused? Let me explain.

Clorox bleach wanted to be a little silly on twitter and tweeted this on Wednesday evening:


The first time I saw someone tweet this I didn't think much about it. If anything I found it mildly amusing but not particularly clever, really. Then I saw it again when Ad Week wrote about it, this is when I understood what the fuss was about. (Yes, I need everything spelled out for me) 

Apparently a lot of people took this tweet as racist and thought they meant the other racial emojis should be bleached white. After a lot of criticism they then later tweeted this:


With the pun definitely intended, people weren't buying this explanation (fair enough). Then again (and these are my opinions only) this was meant only as a fun little thing that would make their brand look youthful and like they are up to date with what is happening in the world. The first time I saw this I honestly did not read much into it, simply because I got what they where saying, however bad joke it was. This makes me question how sensitive we have become about racism. There are times where one can barely do or say anything because we might offend someone. Where is the "free speech" in that? Or as some people may say, it's a free country. Yeah, it's a free country as long as everything goes as you expect it to. I'm not going to bring the government into this, that's going off topic.

Ad week did however notice that the emojis Clorox used in the image did not include any bathtubs, toilets or wine glasses. Interesting.

Am I the only one not offended by this?