Easter break is coming up fast and I have been on the look out for opportunities to do some work in London during this time (ca 30th March, 13th April). I have no problems being the intern who bring coffee or tea to the staff, as long as I may sit idly by with my book of notes and doodles and soak up all the knowledge and creativity in the work place. I have a bubbly personality with energy and drive willing to go the extra mile.

Mainly I am looking to do a work placement for a creative advertising agency. As I am planning on moving to London as soon as I have handed in my masters dissertation, I would like to get a foot in the door and get to know some friendly people in the business. A head start to my career if you may.

If you know anyone or if even your agency might have an extra seat in the office for little me during Easter break ( little over 3 weeks) please don't be shy, any hints or tips or directions are greatly appreciated. 

To make things as simple as possible I am linking up my Linkedin, twitter and Behance right here for your convenience.  Any questions, never hesitate to ask, even if you simply want us to get to know each other.