Between September and October this year I worked for an integrated marketing communication agency called Carswell Gould who are based in Southampton, UK.

I had already met a few from the team and knew of their work very well. So to be given the opportunity to sit amongst them and soak up knowledge as i stumbled along was an absolute privilege! 

i worked with them for four weeks where i was taken under their design team wing. as i had no proper work experience at this point aside from the odd freelance work here and there, i felt i had water above my head walking into the office the first day. Naturally they where so inviting and friendly i immediately felt like a small (temporary) part of the team.

for the first time i could use my university knowledge - not to my surprise i had much to learn, and i am still learning. as simple things as the printing process turned out to be much more complicated then one advertising student might think. My printing experience was as much as the odd fight with the cheap printer from home. (I rarely won the fight)

getting the office feeling of how an agency works during the week on different tasks was incredibly exciting and fun.

to be able to get a taste of the "real world" isn't that scary when you work for an agency like Carswell Gould.

I also got the nicest recommendation from them when i left (but hopefully not for good?)



Charlotte joined us for a four-week design work placement and we really enjoyed having her. She was enthusiastic and happy to have a go at anything we asked of her. She has a flair for illustration and would make a great addition to any team.- Tom McLean


So what's next for me you might ask?

for the time being i will be focusing on my masters degree while taking on some freelance work on the side.

I would love to work with this team further or to get some more work experience from another agency to exercise my networking skills. 

Fingers crossed!


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