Around Halloween I had already been working with Carswell Gould for 2 weeks. To show them my gratitude  I wanted to make a spooky happy Friday even happier by bringing in cakes, biscuits and cupcakes to be decorated in the office.


Having my fingers crossed the whole time hoping it would catch on during lunch break I was surprised when it turned out to be a hit! The majority of the office joined in for a couple of minutes to decorate, judge each others and enjoy the homemade cupcakes. It was great fun and a simple way to bring the office together for the occasion that didn't take up to much work time (luckily!) and started the weekend off in a great way!

If I didn't already feel like a part of the team, I sure did after this enjoyable moment!


My favorite was Lauren's cupcake for the most creative use of the icing making it into a ghost. (Wish I had thought of that!) but let's not forget the others contributions to the activity that was amazing (and tasty, if I may say so myself)

A great team will never give up a good challenge, even if it is a tiny one.

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